Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Appetite For Some Hunger Games!

It has been weeks since I have posted anything on my blog... boo me! And, I am very apologetic for all the delays I have done.

I have been caught up with so many hullabaloos with everyday life  but I do promise to share the highlights of all the events that took up my time lately.


Hunger Games Fever! I was caught up with all the hype and talk about this movie and I definitely had to see it during its premier night. Review? I would sum it up in a word -- AWESOME!

My friends and I headed to the emptiest shopping mall (not too many people in sight), which was really good because we knew how crowded the other theaters were on that day, and we were so glad that we did not have to stand in line for hours or reserve seats in advance just to watch the movie (considering our inconsistent and hectic schedules!)

I have had the copy of the Hunger Games Trilogy for months but admittedly, I have procrastinated long enough and the movie was finally released. Lol! My friends gave me such a hard time, calling me "mainstream", for choosing to watch the well-publicized movie before finishing the books. What can I do? I always claim to be uberly busy (not!)

The movie was fantastic from my point of view. The actors were believable and the storyline was exactly how it was with the book's plot. Disappointing, though, was how District 2's Cato died. I read that after falling from the Cornucopia, the mutated wolves left him as nothing more than a gnawed and bloody hunk of meat but in the movie, Cato died as the handsome blond man that he was. I also imagined the Cornucopia as something like this being that it was described as a giant, golden horn (silver in the film), shaped like a cone with a curved tail. The one in the film, in my opinion, lacked luster and more imagination. Sorry filmmakers! :)

Liam Hemsworth was unnoticeable in my book until this movie (laughing really hard) and Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Katniss Everdeen perfectly. Josh Hutcherson was unexpectedly  Peeta Mellark , who played the shy character very well but was not too believable with the confident side of Peeta (as described in the book). In other words, he played "shy" a little too much on this film.

Overall, the movie was worth watching but not worth being compared to Twilight. The book had a better plot than Twilight so the movie had a better storyline to work with. Hunger Games had fantastic stamped all over it and it deserves all the credit and high ratings that it did! I absolutely am excited for Catching Fire and Mockingjay! I hope they make it as good or even better than this one! Kudos!

came out from a 12-hour shift the day before and slept for just 4 hours, i was too exhausted to pick out a more Spring like look than this. pardon the dullness of this look but i tried to add color by sporting this bag from Max.

 hello, empty theater! i welcome you all the time. 
this premier seemed like a private screening! ;)

dueling with Mr. Cat

 i don't mind giving up some more hours to watch this film again.

woohoo! i'm mainstream!

Outside of Zara Center, happy and satisfied with the movie!

By the way, I got a new "do-it-my friend" do on this day! I, literally, instructed my friend to cut out about 4 to 5 inches off and the process was an unimaginable laugh trip! Thank you, MJ for being bullied to do this to me and for me! <3


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