Saturday, March 24, 2012

TGI Friday's On A Monday

Sounds like I am promoting, no?! Haha. But I love, love, love Mexican food hence, I love TGI Friday's!

My step dad is Mexican so just imagine how often (4 days a weeks, at least) we eat tortillas and beans and quesadillas in our home. Plus, we never really run out of corn, believe me!

And with that being said, finding time to bond with friends (and with my younger sister) over guacamole and salsa is just nostalgic. <sigh!> Ogle on all the tasty food we had that night, yum!


My girls and I had fun celebrating the 28th of one of our friends. With our busy schedules, we hardly find time to sit down, appreciate good food together and just share the best laughs and stories around the dinner table.

I am blessed to be with great people to whom I could talk and share my thoughts with. It feels nice to have a good support system here especially because we are far away from our own families and comfort zones. Nonetheless, friendship is a great thing to have with people you trust and you are not afraid to just be yourself with.

To the birthday girl, thank you for the great food and the beautiful company. May you be blessed a hundredth fold! Stay positive in life and you know you have friends to turn to regardless of anything! Let us capture more memories together, shall we?!

 Check out the day-to-night look I put together on Monday:

Shoes: Amigo's; Jeans: Forever 21; Shirt: Terranova (Disney Collection); Cardigan: Kamiseta

Sunday, March 18, 2012

the dancing tree.. em.. i mean me

The dancing me!

Haha. I had fun at work today, not because of how easy work was. Rather,  I had fun because I did not have work at all! (yay, me!)

Yup, I had about 2 hours of free time today and guess what I did....


and took photos, of course! I had a million photos taken, thanks to the sequential shot feature of my digi! Unfortunately, I had to filter because of all the stolen, weird-looking pictures that appeared after the song was done. Here are some of the acceptable shots that you can laugh at:

Who finds time to do this? And at work?! Haha. I do!

I hope you, guys, get to do this on a daily basis, too. The world is a beautiful place to live in with so much music, time and worthwhile dancing to do. Take out your Ipod and spend a few minutes grooving to your favorite party song!

Take it easy and have a light day, beautiful people!


Shirt: Vero Moda (purchased at a Christmas bazaar) ; Cardigan and Bag: Bargain Shop ; Jeans: Exit Jeans (purchased during my trip to Thailand) ; Corduroy Jacket: Esprit ; Peep-toe flats: Celine ; Earrings: Muse ;  
Belt with wool interior: Stradivarius

saving 182

Wondering why? Check out the outfit I put together for work today.

 Yes, I have been laughed at a million and one times for wearing this color combination. And I have had a share of not-so-funny comments. (boo!)

Friend 1: Oh, nice that we have shade in this part of the city (while looking at me)
Friend 2: Hey, I love your color today, you blend well with nature.
Friend 3: So what are we sporting today, a pine tree or a pine tree?
Sister: (giggles) What's tall and green and brown?... (laughs) You!

Haha. These comments still make me smile every time I recall how brutally honest my friends and sister were.

Anyway, in my color wheel, it says green and brown work well with each other. These colors just complement each other in an indescribable way.

But my real agenda for wearing nature today is that I am in protest. There is an environmental/political/business issue that is brewing back in my hometown as I write this. And to show my support for the Save 182 Project, I chose to be a tree and blog about it today.

You see, I am originally from a quaint city on top of the beautiful mountain ranges back in the Philippines known as Baguio. It is a very quiet and beautiful place to live in because it is the only city that actually enjoys a cold climate in our country, considering that we are from the tropics, all thanks to the trees and the high altitude that keep our city temperate.

A few months ago, the largest shopping mall in the city decided to consider and eventually, delve into expanding their parking space and mall area,e which meant that there is a need to uproot, earth ball and replant the 182 trees that are within the mall's property once the project has been given a go signal. After hearing about this, I remembered the song that was released some years back and I felt very, very sad. I won't settle for Baguio becoming a backstabber to Mother Nature that, which, makes our entire city.

Citizens from my hometown are still actively fighting for this plan not to happen and being miles away from home, I want to show my utmost support for their cries of protest. Let us stop corporate greed and leave those poor trees alone. We need them more than a parking lot or a cafe hot spot.

If you would like to know more, please click on the link below and show your support for this movement and against this horrific plan.

 Vote green, world!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

weight issues

Back-to-work day for me... and thankfully, my eight hours weren't as grueling as it was a few days ago! <smiles>

Erm, so today, I thought of doing my very first outfit post, anxious and excited at the same time!

Yup, I have had weight issues for most of my life.  

Don't get me all wrong, though! I liked the me then (I thought I was really cute... lol) but I love the not-so-weight-obsessed me now so allow me to cheer myself on:

 "Yay, self for the newly found confidence!"

 this was me exactly a year ago

Oh, time! How fast you've gone by...

 And this is me now (hello, world!)


 Jeans: Mango Slim fit Jeans; Floral Top: Stradivarius ; Cardigan: Max ; Shoes: Predictions ; Belt: Terranova ;  
Bag: Esprit Messenger Bag (my favorite) ; Earrings: Parfois ; 
Silver Cross: 92.5 Silver  (had it on since the day I bought it a year back) 

But, of course, one should not famish herself to lose weight.... My sister and I had Mexican food for dinner.. <sigh!> Yumminess!

tortilla, baked white beans in tomato sauce, and some good 'ol Rosella-style fritata

Have a great weekend, World! ~~~ <3

Friday, March 16, 2012

rainy friday

 So, today is a Friday which means, it's a no-work day for me ... yipee!

For a year and a half my Friday routine has been centered on my bed and today is no exception. I woke up at my latest and went straight to my Facebook page; spent a few more hours on the Internet and i finally heard my tummy say, "help! feed me, at least!"

And what's a girl to do but to prepare something edible for the mouth to devour and the stomach to enjoy.

Headed to the kitchenette, opened my pantry and ta-da! the always reliable Indomie Instant Noodles shone like sunshine on this cold, rainy Friday!

I got sick of the conventional tupperware technique (where you place the noodles in a Tupperware then add boiling water, wait for a few minutes and mix the little packets of flavoring and dehydrated vegetables), so I opted to cook it Ramen-style.


and this came from the littlest pack ever!

i made this....

into this.... 

 Indomie Instant Chicken Noodles, spinach, chicken mortadella fried until crisp, julienned carrots, onion
 and what's lunch without some yummy dessert...
apple crepe filled with sweetened Fiji apple, honey and cinnamon! <3

What a beautiful Friday it was! How was yours?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's me!

After weeks of pondering, I finally got me a blog!

And as I write these first few lines, I am quite anxious to let the world know of the things that occupy my mind in a daily, weekly or monthly basis but I am more than ready to hear your views, your opinions and what-not's... let us start meeting world!

a picture of me ages ago