Sunday, March 18, 2012

the dancing tree.. em.. i mean me

The dancing me!

Haha. I had fun at work today, not because of how easy work was. Rather,  I had fun because I did not have work at all! (yay, me!)

Yup, I had about 2 hours of free time today and guess what I did....


and took photos, of course! I had a million photos taken, thanks to the sequential shot feature of my digi! Unfortunately, I had to filter because of all the stolen, weird-looking pictures that appeared after the song was done. Here are some of the acceptable shots that you can laugh at:

Who finds time to do this? And at work?! Haha. I do!

I hope you, guys, get to do this on a daily basis, too. The world is a beautiful place to live in with so much music, time and worthwhile dancing to do. Take out your Ipod and spend a few minutes grooving to your favorite party song!

Take it easy and have a light day, beautiful people!


Shirt: Vero Moda (purchased at a Christmas bazaar) ; Cardigan and Bag: Bargain Shop ; Jeans: Exit Jeans (purchased during my trip to Thailand) ; Corduroy Jacket: Esprit ; Peep-toe flats: Celine ; Earrings: Muse ;  
Belt with wool interior: Stradivarius

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