Saturday, March 24, 2012

TGI Friday's On A Monday

Sounds like I am promoting, no?! Haha. But I love, love, love Mexican food hence, I love TGI Friday's!

My step dad is Mexican so just imagine how often (4 days a weeks, at least) we eat tortillas and beans and quesadillas in our home. Plus, we never really run out of corn, believe me!

And with that being said, finding time to bond with friends (and with my younger sister) over guacamole and salsa is just nostalgic. <sigh!> Ogle on all the tasty food we had that night, yum!


My girls and I had fun celebrating the 28th of one of our friends. With our busy schedules, we hardly find time to sit down, appreciate good food together and just share the best laughs and stories around the dinner table.

I am blessed to be with great people to whom I could talk and share my thoughts with. It feels nice to have a good support system here especially because we are far away from our own families and comfort zones. Nonetheless, friendship is a great thing to have with people you trust and you are not afraid to just be yourself with.

To the birthday girl, thank you for the great food and the beautiful company. May you be blessed a hundredth fold! Stay positive in life and you know you have friends to turn to regardless of anything! Let us capture more memories together, shall we?!

 Check out the day-to-night look I put together on Monday:

Shoes: Amigo's; Jeans: Forever 21; Shirt: Terranova (Disney Collection); Cardigan: Kamiseta

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  1. Cute ensemble!