Friday, March 16, 2012

rainy friday

 So, today is a Friday which means, it's a no-work day for me ... yipee!

For a year and a half my Friday routine has been centered on my bed and today is no exception. I woke up at my latest and went straight to my Facebook page; spent a few more hours on the Internet and i finally heard my tummy say, "help! feed me, at least!"

And what's a girl to do but to prepare something edible for the mouth to devour and the stomach to enjoy.

Headed to the kitchenette, opened my pantry and ta-da! the always reliable Indomie Instant Noodles shone like sunshine on this cold, rainy Friday!

I got sick of the conventional tupperware technique (where you place the noodles in a Tupperware then add boiling water, wait for a few minutes and mix the little packets of flavoring and dehydrated vegetables), so I opted to cook it Ramen-style.


and this came from the littlest pack ever!

i made this....

into this.... 

 Indomie Instant Chicken Noodles, spinach, chicken mortadella fried until crisp, julienned carrots, onion
 and what's lunch without some yummy dessert...
apple crepe filled with sweetened Fiji apple, honey and cinnamon! <3

What a beautiful Friday it was! How was yours?

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