Saturday, March 17, 2012

weight issues

Back-to-work day for me... and thankfully, my eight hours weren't as grueling as it was a few days ago! <smiles>

Erm, so today, I thought of doing my very first outfit post, anxious and excited at the same time!

Yup, I have had weight issues for most of my life.  

Don't get me all wrong, though! I liked the me then (I thought I was really cute... lol) but I love the not-so-weight-obsessed me now so allow me to cheer myself on:

 "Yay, self for the newly found confidence!"

 this was me exactly a year ago

Oh, time! How fast you've gone by...

 And this is me now (hello, world!)


 Jeans: Mango Slim fit Jeans; Floral Top: Stradivarius ; Cardigan: Max ; Shoes: Predictions ; Belt: Terranova ;  
Bag: Esprit Messenger Bag (my favorite) ; Earrings: Parfois ; 
Silver Cross: 92.5 Silver  (had it on since the day I bought it a year back) 

But, of course, one should not famish herself to lose weight.... My sister and I had Mexican food for dinner.. <sigh!> Yumminess!

tortilla, baked white beans in tomato sauce, and some good 'ol Rosella-style fritata

Have a great weekend, World! ~~~ <3

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